What's it all about?


If you like fun and who doesn't, then "Bird in a Box" is for you!  With the push of a button you can express your true feelings with Funovation's newest novelty.  A stylish and elegant box keeps secret what one push of a button will reveal.  "Bird in a Box" can be proudly displayed on any desk top or coffee table waiting to give you the last word in a business meeting or debate with a friend.  You be the judge on a less than dazzling TV performance or political talk show.  Let 'em know what you really think.  A great stocking stuffer at Christmas or a fun way to have the last word in a divorce, "Bird in a Box" is a great gift for any occasion.  Have some fun saying what's really on your mind.  Action speaks louder than words so push the button and set that "Bird" free!

Product definitely NOT for children.